Eric's Weekly Kettlebell Workouts

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Welcome to Eric's Weekly Kettlebell Workouts!

The purpose of this membership is to provide simple and sustainable kettlebell workouts to the masses.

The fitness industry is flooded with overly complicated information on how to get fit. What is inherently a simple tool, the kettlebell, has mutated into a complex and intimidating piece of hardware. In reality, the kettlebell is simply a ball with a handle, and the basics are all you need. The workouts in this membership will revolve around just that -- the basics.

As a member, you will have exclusive access to the following:

  • Weekly Workouts (3-4 workouts per week)
    • Uploaded every Sunday at around 12pm PT.
    • Each workout focuses on either the upper body, lower body, or full body, ensuring you will hit every major muscle group on a weekly basis.
    • Most workouts require only one kettlebell. If a workout uses two kettlebells, it can be easily modified to be completed with just one.
    • Workouts typically take 30-60 minutes to complete.
    • All exercises have suggested rep counts depending on the relative weight you use (light, medium, & heavy).
    • These workouts can be repeated to your liking!
  • Biweekly Tests
    • Tests occuring every other week to help track your progress over time.
    • Quantitative scores remove the ambiguity of your strength and stamina progression.
  • Companion Exercise Videos (short clips of movements for reference)
    • The library of this content will be developed over time. Community suggestions will take top priority.
  • Discord Access (only available to Best Friends and Family subscribers)
    • Direct access to me and other subscribers in a private, members-only Discord server.
    • Benefits:
      • Quick access to Eric and other WKW members
      • Q&A
      • Exercise form check
      • Diet discussion
      • Exclusive discount codes
      • Ability to request additional content
      • ...and much more!

The foundation of this membership is simplicity, in both its content and its delivery. I want these workouts and videos to be accessible to people of all skill levels to ensure competency and enjoyment.

Are you ready to maximize your kettlebell competency at a stupid cheap price? Join now!


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Weekly Workouts, Exercise Videos, & Discord Access


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Eric's Weekly Kettlebell Workouts

31 ratings
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